"I will be a light to all for my God" - Matthew 5:14-16

About CEO and Founder

About CEO and Founder
Minister Natasha is a wife and a mother to three children, two step-children and one adopted son. Kymberly, the eldest, Clifton also known as "Gee", named after his father, passed away December 8, 2015 and little Dominick is the baby of the family.

Natasha rededicated her life to the Lord after her son passed away in December of 2015 and later became an Ordained Minister. She was raised Southern Baptist her entire life, and although she knew religion, she struggled with her relationship with God. Natasha was born in Lake Charles, La. but was raised on a small island named Isle de Jean Charles as a child, and later moved to the nearby town of Houma, La. She now resides in Roanoke, Va. where she lives with her husband and son Dominick.

Her passion is God, family and ministry. She is a member of an amazing local curch in the Roanoke Valley that focuses on the truth of God's Word and the church's focus is about 95% outreach, both local and oversees. Natasha ministers to a local group home for troubled children every third Sunday of the month where she spends time with children that are headed down the same path she once was in hopes that her testimony will prevent the next generation from making the same mistakes. One of many missions Natasha devotes time to is spreading awareness of suicide and suicide prevention to the community and working dilegently to remove the stigma attached to mental health illness. Reading her Bible and journaling is a daily routine along with prayer and worship with her son Dominick.

Natasha has overcome many obsticles in her life including sexual abuse, a young wife, divorce, prison, infertility after 2 ectopic pregnancies, she has battled uterine cancer, 2 hip surgeries, brain surgery and several more surgeries scheduled due to a rare form of rhumetoid arthritis. But, through it all, Natasha has remained faithful. She refusses to be a victim, instead she is victorious. Natasha is a survivor, a testimony that has and will continue to change lives forever. She uses those testimonies to empower people, proving to others that God has the power to change people through His grace and mercy. Reminding people that what the enemy meant for evil, God will turn it around for their good if we just hold on to hope, that grain of mustard seed.

Natasha wasn't always a minister. She dropped out of high school in the 9th grade. She later got her G.E.D and went to college earning her degree in Practical Nursing while working as a CNA during those two years. She has a passion for the elderly community and visits a local nursing home in the area to spread the gospel. She h brain surgery January of 2016 and since then man has claimed her dissabled, but God, He is using her in a powerful way. Although Natasha may never get to practice nursing again due to the permanent damage to her memory, she stays positive and grounded in the Word of God. In fact, she is currently working on her bachelors degree in ministry through Christian Leaders Institute, learning the history of the Bible to better minister and understand the Bible on a more personal level. Natasha is such an inspiration to many, all of her time dedicated to volunteering and guest speaking is all done for free because she believes the Word of God should not have a price tag and should be spread amoungst all because it is what she is called to do!
Mathew 5:14-16

"I will be a light to all for my God" (decleration)

Bio "Feel My Real Ministry"

Bio "Feel My Real Ministry"
Feel My Real Ministry came to life on February 20, 2016. Myself and a good friend from church, Vanessa Flemming, had a vision. God had shown us our purpose so we wrote it down and made the vision plain.

We came up with the name one day on our way to minister to a local group home. We were trying to figure out something new we could do with the children, something "hip and cool", so we came up with the slogan feel my real. We really were using it in terms of being transparent with them and not so much like the rest of the adults they encountered daily. It was a hit!!!

Thats when we decided that Feel My Real would be the perfect name for our ministry. A change came with the ministry when God showed Vanessa that she needed to focus on a book she had been writting for years. So I prayed about it and God instructed me to allow Him to finish what He started. I remained obediant and continued to allow God to use me and WOW is He using me! I vowed to give it my all, in honor of my son Gee, and do whatever it takes to suceed at building Gods Kingdom. For me, this ministry wouldnt be what it is if it wasn't for my sons death. So in a way it's a way to pay tribute to him and give back to the community on his behalf. I speak at schools on suicide prevention, bullying and removing the stigma attached to mental health illness. I minister in youth detention centers and prisons. I volunteer at the homeless shelter and spend time with the homeless community to see how I can better help facilitate with resource help and in return reduce the local homeless population.

Feel My Real means exactly what it says. It means transparency, truth, hope and understanding. This Ministry is a faith based ministry, I speak often on faith and what it takes to build your faith. I don't minister or share religion, I minister and teach about relationship. That's what it's really about! Not structure and order that says you have to wear this and can't look like this, that is religion. Relationship is personal, it's intimate and special. When speaking on building a relationship with God I often refer to my husband. How could I have a 14 year reltionship of love, trust, knowledge of who he is, if I never spoke to him and asked him about his life and interest? How would it last if the only way I knew anything about him was by a book that was written by family, friends and foes? It's the same way with God, He wants you to ask Him questions, get to know Him on a personal level so you can build trust, love and knowledge. Reading the Bible is a good start but we can't, as sinful humans, expect to grow in love and trust just by reading the Bible, we need to pray! Speak to Him! Get to know God for yourself, I promise, He will embrace you with open arms. Go ahead, it's never too late!

When I do video ministry, I go live on periscope (@Feel My Real) and also on the ministry facebook page, then upload those videos to my youtube channel. Don't forget to subscribe please!


24/7 Prayer-Crisis Hotline

This hotline is for anyone who needs prayer or help through a situation anytime of the day or night, including holidays. (540) 397-5063

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Video Ministry

Every Thursday between 5pm and 8pm I go live on periscope and then upload it to my youtube chanel.

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Public Speaking

I offer my services of public speaking for christian events.

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Street Ministry

Going out on the streets of the Roanoke Valley is a passion of mine.

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Bring Awareness to Suicide and Suicide Prevention, Bullying and Mental Health Awareness

I offer free services to create fundraisers for organizations that assist in these areas as well as free services for speaking engagements on this and related topics.

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Help Rehabilitate the Homeless

I help with assisting the homeless community with resources to aid in their recovery. My primary goal is to spread the infectious love of Jesus Christ throughout my community with blessing bags, resources and prayer. I allow God to use me to better guide them in the direction that can help get them into a warm home and off of the streets and out of the shelters. Everybody deserves a home!

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  • 10/07/2017 09:00 AM
  • Roanoke College

AFSP's anual walk to fight against suicide and bring awareness to the suicide epidemic. Help Feel My Real Ministry Walk for Gee reach our monetary goal or even join our team to show that YOU stand for something so important! Just go to www.afsp.donordrive.com and either donate or join our team! We will be happy to have you!

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  • 08/09/2017 06:30 PM
  • Roanoke Valley's Rescue Mission

I will be ministering through dance and giving a recent testimony. Join me as I share the Gospel with the homeless community!

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A Testimony of God's Grace and Mercy

Being diagnosed with a dangerous brain tumor is not something anybody ever wants to hear. But by the grace of God, He performed a miracle on me, leaving me with a testemony of the true healing power He gives when you activate your faith.

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