Gods Healing Powers activated by FAITH

In 2009 I started having these dibilitating migraines. They would leave me with blood pressure so high I was within stroke range. I would pass out from the excrutiating pain that pounded my head. Going to the emergency room was sometimes a weekly trip that ultimately left me with unanswered questions. Why am I having so many migraines? What is wrong with me?

I dealt with this for about 5 years before I went to my primary doctor demanding answers. She sent me in for yet another MRI and scheduled me with a local neurologist. He reviewed my images and informed me I had a meningioma but the location was concerning, but that they typically grow slow and we would watch it closely and in a year I would have another MRI for measurement sake.

I started botox injections for the migraines and that seemed to really help. In 2014 I went for my measurements, and to everyones surprise the brain tumor had grown by a whopping 50% and was connected to one of the two main blood vessels for my brain. See, you have one that supplies the blood to your brain and you have one that drains the blood from, and thats the one it was connected to. 

I emmediately wanted a well known doctor to see me, I mean we are talking about my brain. That's when I went to UVA and seen a neurosurgeon there. He was amazing! He explained that this would have to be a two part surgery because if they knicked the vessel I could stroke out or die on the table during surgery. So, there it was, the most terrifying news I have ever recieved. The plan was to have open brain surgery to remove as much as they could without hitting the vessel and then to follow up with radiology to remove the rest.

But see, God had a plan for me. I scheduled my surgery for January 26, 2016. I went in that morning with faith that I have never experienced before. I was not scared!! I was not stressed or even worried! Last thing I remembered was they shaved my beautiful curls, yep, right down the center of my head. 

I woke up from surgery in alot of pain, could not see ANYTHING, I had tremors and couldnt walk. But my faith stayed stronger then ever. I felt, although I was experiencing all these things, I was alive! And that was enough to rejoice and praise God. The doctors were excited when they came into my recovery room and told me and my family that there would be no need for a second surgery because they were able to remove it all! But followed with saddness saying I may never be able to see again and it would be a year before I could possibly walk on my own, so they sent me to a rehab center after a week in the hospital and I stayed in rehab for a month.

I couldnt see to read my bible or to even see my precious sons face when he came to visit. But my hearing was just fine so I would pray all day and have the nurses play worship music and often play my audible bible. The more I prayed the better my vision started to get and the less shakey I was. 

By the time I left the rehab center I could see enough to read text and could even send them back. The only thing I was facing was memory loss to the point I had trouble adding and subtracting, and walking. But I stayed strong and worked hard and after only 3 months I was walking on my own. 

I went back in 3 months to have staples removed and have another MRI and the doctors were amazed! It looked as if my brain had completely healed itself and looked as if there was never a brain tumor there. The doctors explained to me that removed damaged brain tissue doesnt grow back...but mine did! God healed me through and through. It was a hard faith test but I passed and my reward was a completely healed brain. I'm writting this 8 months later and im walking on my own and see clearly. I don't have thise awful tremors or even those seizures they said I would have the rest of my life. The only struggle I have today is memory, but you know what? I will take that, if that's all I have to deal with I will take it. I have even lost almost 100lbs since January! 

So, the moral of my story is, never give up hope. Where there is hope there also can be faith. Trust in God and He will see you through anything. All you have to do is trust, believe and recieve!